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    Aaron Polhamus

    Data scientist

    Aaron has led quantitative analytical projects through his work with Revolution Analytics (now Microsoft), NASA, the US Department of Defense, and the University of Oxford. He has also lectured on statistical programming for the analytics teams of various software engineering, biotech, and online search firms. Aaron's interest in data-driven decision-making began while studying at Stanford University and was refined while reading for a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. On his off time Aaron enjoys rock climbing, surfing, and generally enjoying San Diego's amazing life quality.


    Grayson Badgley

    Data scientist

    Grayson has experience working across all parts of the data pipeline, from database design to statistical modeling. Most recently, Grayson was the founding member of the data and analytics team at Lyft, a San Francisco based ride-sharing startup. Among his many responsibilities, Grayson was in charge of designing algorithms for efficiently connecting thousands of drivers and passengers in realtime.


    Grayson holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford. In his spare time, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in global ecology from Stanford University.

    Matthew Cooper

    Operations and strategy

    Matthew has overseen private equity deals from Pittsburgh to Karachi, and pretty much everywhere in between, during the past decade. He has had the privilege to work with corporations and government agencies at the cutting edge of Big Data management, network security, and business analytics. He worked with Eastgate Capital Group in Dubai until the summers proved a bit too hot for his taste, prompting him to join Clearlake Capital Group in Santa Monica in 2010. Matthew holds a BA in Geosciences, magna cum laude, from Princeton and worked as a McKinsey & Company associate prior to his private equity ventures. He enjoys rollerblading, meditation, and marathon running.

    Kaveh Sarhangpour

    Sales and research

    Kaveh recently completed his degree in the honors Political Science program at the University of British Columbia. In addition to performing research into regulatory affairs and political economy at UBC, he has conducted research at the University of Oxford and Columbia University. Leveraging experiences in the spaces of real estate development, marketing, and management consulting, Kaveh provides valuable growth insights to our team as we expand. Currently, Kaveh works as a business development analyst for the Canada team at Square.



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